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Εξωτερικός χώρος ΕΣΔΙ


The purpose of the National School of Judges is:

a.The selection, pre-introduction, theoretical and practical, training and evaluation of those to be appointed to the positions of probationary judges of the Council of State, the Court of Auditors, the Political and Criminal Courts, the Prosecutors and the Ordinary Administrative Courts and

b.Continuous or continuous or "lifelong" training of serving judges

To fulfill its purpose, the National School of Judges:

• Designs and implements training programs and ongoing or ongoing or "lifelong" training.

• Organizes conferences, workshops, lectures and training meetings of Greek Judges with foreign judges, coming especially from countries in the wider region of Southeast Europe and the Black Sea.

• Collaborates with educational institutions and other educational or vocational training bodies in the public or private sector of the country or abroad or with persons of recognized scientific prestige. The subject of the internship of the trainees is contributed by local government and other public sector legal services, international organizations, international courts and courts of foreign countries, in accordance with the specifics set out in the curriculum.

• Performs editions

• It constantly has and enriches its libraries for the needs of trainees and court judges in general