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Εξωτερικός χώρος ΕΣΔΙ


Brussels 8-9/12/2014

The European Judicial Network is based in Brussels and is financed by the European Commission and the annual contributions of its members. The purpose of the network is to strengthen cooperation between the European Judges and to further their general training, with training courses and workshops it organizes.

1.  The National School of Judges is a member of the HELP program and participates in the 3rd Working Group aiming for the Development of a manual for the European Human Rights Training Network.

2.  The National School of Judges is actively involved in the program “Programmes” of the EJTN network and has even undertaken, together with Spain, the coordination of the group that will deal with the language training of European Judges.

Lisbon(Portugal) 5 - 6-5-2016 - "Sports Law" Prague(Czech Republic) 21- 4-2016 - "Human Trafficking and Crimes related to refugees"  
Naples(Italy) 10 to 11-3-2016 - "Conflits of Norms in the Applications of Fundamental Rights" Lisbon(Portugal) 14 - 18-3-2016 - "Language training on the vocabulary of Human Rights’ EU law" Thessaloniki(Greece) 9 - 11-3-2016 - "International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal matters in practice"
Prague(Czech Republic) 29-2 and 1-3-2016 - "European Civil Procedure in Family Law Matters" Trier(Germany) 18-2 and 19-2-2016 - "EJTN Training on Tackling Terrorism" Omsenie(Slovenija) 12 and 13-10-2015 - "Craftsmanship"

Bautzen(Germany) 8 and 9-10-2015 - "Alternative Dispute Resolution in Administrative Law"

Florence 17 and 18-11-201 5 - "Cross – Border Evidence in Practice (CR/2015/10)"

Madrid 5 to 9-10-2015 - "Language training on the vocabulary of Human Rights’ EU law"

Lithuania, 14 and 15-5-2015 - "Seminar about Human Rights and recurse in Justice to the European Union

Bucharest, 4 and 5-6-2015 - "Intellectual Property Law"

Stockholm, 15 to 17-6-2015 - "International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal matters"

Croatia, 5 and 6-5-2015 - "Measuring Learning Results and Training Effects – The Challenge of Proper Evaluation and Assessment at the Reactionary Level"

Brussels, 7-7-2015 - "Exchange of EJTN members practices on organizing training projects with the external funding"

Lisbon 5 and 6 Νοεμβρίου 2015 - "Administrative Law SWG Seminar “EU Asylum Law”"

Trier, 5 and 6-3-2015 - "Training in EU public procurement law for Judges"

Brussels, 23 to 27-3-2015 - "Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters (language training)"

Barcelona 7 and 8-5-2015 - "Jurisdiction and Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements"


Human Trafficking and Crimes related to refugees