Aims and Objectives

The National School of Judiciary’ curriculum aims at:

a. Selecting, training and evaluating trainee judges who shall be appointed at the Council of State, the Civil and Criminal Courts, the Court of Audit, the Ordinary Administrative Courts; and

b. Providing lifelong training to serving judicial officers.

To fulfil its purpose, the National School of Judiciary:

  • Collaborates with national or foreign educational institutions, public or private educational or vocational training organisations, as well as with natural or legal persons of international scientific standing;
  • Participates in European educational and lifelong training projects and networks for judiciary officers in the member states of the European Union and the Council of Europe;
  • Organises or co-organises special training programmes for judicial officers from these countries, as well as conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops;
  • Participates in scientific research and studies;
  • Collaborates with local authorities, public sector legal entities, international organisations, international courts and courts abroad to offer traineeship;

Legislative Framework

The National School of Judiciary operates under Law 4871/2021 “Reforms in the legislative framework of the National School of Judiciary and other urgent provisions (A246) “.