Lifelong Learning

In the context of European integration, where national judges are also EU judges, as well as judges who protect human rights, justice cannot cling to the notion of gaining experience and expertise over time exclusively by processing specific cases.

Legal conditions that are constantly developing and evolving within the European Union and the Council of Europe, as well as the immense increase of legal knowledge, dictate the urgent need for the continuous training of judicial officers, in order to adapt the newly acquired knowledge to the ever changing social conditions.

To realise the above objectives, the National School of Judiciary organises seminars (regular and extraordinary which involve four (4) courses) that are addressed to serving judicial officers in Thessaloniki, Athens, Komotini and in the local appeal court jurisdictions. During these seminars, judicial officers share experiences, exchange views and discuss current legal issues. Moreover, all judges and judicial services in Greece can use the conclusions of the discussions as a source of information or process them to offer solutions, proposals and measures, thereby addressing the above issues more effectively.

Furthermore, an agenda for compulsory training programmes and new training methods, including the creation of workshops, is set out.


Teaching staff for the training of students and for the lifelong training of serving magistrates is continuously expanding to cover all areas, and specific criteria are laid down for the selection of teachers. In addition, for the first time, the training of instructors is set out in accordance with the Lisbon Network. Finally, the organisational units of the school are also increasing.