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Start date: 19/5/2022
End date: 20/5/2022
Place: Thessaloniki
Languages: English
Level: Entry
Tyoe: EJTN-funded activities

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EJTN Secretariat:

Mónica Martí García


Aina Secrieru


Economic crimes: Asset recovery and Confiscation in the EU in practice: focus on the Regulation 2018/1805 of 14 November 2018 (CR/2022/06)



The overall aim of the seminar is to increase understanding and common approaches on financial investigations, confiscation and criminal assets recovery; to discuss practical use of legal instruments in this area, exchange knowledge and facilitate cooperation between the judicial authorities of the Member States as well as with international organizations and EU agencies.

Methodology and format

The training will combine lectures, presentations and workshops with study cases to enhance practical knowledge of practitioners


Day-and-a-half training aimed at improving knowledge and experience of judges and prosecutors to trace, freeze, seize and re-use illicitly acquired assets through the use of EU legal instruments required to ensure effective procedures of confiscation and recovery of illegally acquired assets in the EU. Sharing of experiences and good practices regarding the implementation of financial investigations within EU, and cooperation with EUROPOL, EUROJUST and international networks as CARIN are at the core of the seminar.

Expected learning outcomes

– To be acquainted with the relationship between economic crime and confiscation, and particularly about the connexion of organised economic crime and identification, freezing and confiscation of instrumentalities and proceeds of crime;

– To acquire knowledge on the existing legal instruments, International Conventions (CoE and UN Conventions);

-To get familiar with legal concepts, definitions and meanings (terminology) related to the seminar’s subject matter such as: identification, tracing, freezing, preservation, seizing, confiscation (forfeiture), repatriation, return of assets; the role of different actors and networks in judicial cooperation such as EUROJUST, EUROPOL, EJN;

-To have practical knowledge on how to proceed in order to effectively tackle organised criminal activities in a certain case;

Target audience

Judges and Prosecutors from all EU Member States, preferably criminal judges and prosecutors with some knowledge of EU Criminal Law and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.


Application Process:

All applications must be submitted through the candidates’ national EJTN member institution.



Upon invitation by EJTN, participants register via EJTN online platform to which they receive access.
After the event, reimbursement is processed via EJTN online platform.


Useful documents:

Terms and conditions of participation

Frequently Asked Questions


Number of participants:

39 judges and prosecutors from all Member States

New deadline for application:

18 March 2022


Training materials

Further readings

UK Proceeds of Crime Act 2002