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Dear Tania,

In the context of the Framework Contract “Co-operation with national judges in the field of environmental law” with the cooperation of the European Commission ERA is organising a workshop on HOW TO ENFORCE EU LEGISLATION ON BIODIVERSITY AND WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING. The programme draft can be found HERE.

The main purpose of these workshops is to raise awareness of EU Legislation on Biodiversity and Wildlife Trafficking law and policy and to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience. A further objective is to involve the national Judicial Training Centres (incl. Training Centres for Prosecutors) in order to enhance, in the long term, the benefits of this EU programme. For this purpose, the training materials are developed in a way which allows their rapid update and adaptation to the needs at the national level.

PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS INFORMATION AMONG THE JUDGES (incl. criminal judges), ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGES AND PROSECUTORS. (Please excuse the delay in releasing this workshop.)

    20-22 April 2016 (Application Form 416DV88 here)
    Centro de Estudios Jurídicos, Ministerio de Justicia, Madrid, Spain



Wildlife trafficking and illegal logging are faced as a global problem with significant negative economic, environmental and social impact. By addressing the issues that may be relevant for administrative or criminal judges as well as prosecutors, this two-and-a-half day workshop will provide the participants with an overview of EU legislation on illegal timber trade and wildlife trafficking affecting biodiversity with the aim of facilitating the handling of future national court procedures in this field.

Key elements:

  • Introduction to economic,      environmental and social impact of illegal wildlife trafficking
  • Aims and features of EU      legislation (CITES, FLEGT Regulation and Timber Regulation)
  • Various case studies on the      role of the judge and prosecutor in this matter
  • Role of international      organizations in tackling wildlife trafficking

Who should attend?

Administrative and criminal law judges and prosecutors from all EU Member States who are interested in environmental law.

Terms and conditions of participation

Registration fee

  • There is no registration fee.



  • Participation is only open to judges and prosecutors from EU Member States.
  • There is a limited number of places available for this event (max. 25 participants), so participation will be subject to a formal selection procedure.


Travel and accommodation

  • The travel expenses will be reimbursed to a maximum of 400 euros (including taxi costs), subject to the submission of the originals of travel receipts (like flight ticket, boarding pass, train ticket, taxi bill, etc. ). Participants are informed about the obligation to use the most cost-efficient mode of transport available. 
  • Maximum 3 nights hotel will be covered directly by ERA, only for the hotel recommended by ERA.
  • 2 lunches, beverages consumed during the event and the workshop documents are offered by ERA.

For further details, you can follow our project website: www.era.int/environmental_law

Please, be so kind and send me your nomination proposals (incl. Appl. Forms) till 11 March  2016 at the latest.

Many thanks for your cooperation and support.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us immediately.

Kind regards,

Jaroslav Opravil

                        Jaroslav Opravil

Course Administrator

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